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Milling, Turning, Drilling, Boring, Tapping, Grinding and Full Welding what nobody else can

About UsGeneral Industrial Repair

GIR was started in 1990 when Henry Biazus (✩ 08/14/1941 - ✝ 12/16/2011), that immigrated from Brazil to US in 1969, made the decision to go back into business for himself. His long history of customer satisfaction in the machining industry gave him the oportunity that he needed to create a startup company, repairing machinery, modifying machines and machining parts for the Commercial, Military, and Marine & Railroad customers. For over 25 years GIR has grown from a small operation to annual sales exceeding 5 million dollars. We have conventional and CNC milling and boring capacities from 120” cross travel and 90” of vertical travel.

Our cylindrical grinding capacities range from 2” to 58” in Dia. and up to 19’ in total length. Our lathe capacity is up to 120" Diameter on Vertical Lathe and 240" on Horizontal lathes between centers. We utilize all 58 machines within our manufacturing operations.

We have the capabilities to do reverse engineering, perform solid modeling and cad cam programming which allows us to re-produce obsolete parts or modify existing parts. GIR runs 2 shifts 6 days a week with full crew. Employing 36 workers including Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Engineers. We are weld certified to AMSI D1.1 Structural welding code.

We operate in a 75,000 Square foot building with a 34,000 Square Foot yard. Utilizing 6 cranes with capacity of 25 Tons. Our emergency service is available 24 X 7 to all customers. No emergency is too small.

Our Mission

To provide our customers access to the unique & specialized capabilities that exists at General Industrial Repair that are unavailable in the industry today.

We provide you with unparalleled quality, reliable delivery, and greatly enhanced turnaround time.

Just like us our avatar represents our ability to be prepared for anything at a moments notice to service all of our customers needs especially when nobody else can.

Capabilitiestailored to the needs of our customers

General Industrial Repair is always upgrading its capacities and capabilities tailored to the needs of our customers. All of our services are handled with professionalism, good customer service and the speed and urgency in which each timeframe is needed to be met. Take a look at our cells division, we are acquiring and implementing new equipment and services. Everything needed to service you better. Every demand is unique and represents a challenge. Overcoming new challenges, is part of our normal operation. You can be assured of that.

Contact us and see for yourself.

Servicessmall parts, oversize parts, short runs or production

At GIR we pride ourselves on versatility and customer satisfaction. Well known for our repair work our vast knowledge and experience gives us the ability to repair parts that other shops won't touch. Extensive machining capabilities gives us the flexibility to do small parts, oversize parts, short runs or production. Certified in structural welding and fabrications gives us the convenience to keep all parts in house. Reverse Engineering and solid modeling allows us to easily produce obsolete parts or modify existing products.
Whatever your needs GIR can help.

Photo Gallery

  • Here you will get a glimpse of what General Industrial Repair can do. All the images presented here are successfully completed jobs executed by the GIR Team. In this gallery, aside from photos, you will see slide shows and videos of our operation and services in production and finalized. Browse our site to learn more about what General Industrial Repair can do for you.

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